Joe Austin Photography 
Stock List
Rocks, Geo-formations
Abyssinian Scimitar Bird Goshawk Secretary Bird
African Hoopoe Pale Chanting Shikra
African Moustached Warbler Guineafowl Shrike
Augur Buzzard Helmeted Long-tailed Fiscal
Barbet Vulturine Sparrow
d'Arnauds Hamerkop Rufous
Red and Yellow Heron Spotted Thick-knee
Bare-face Go Away Bird Black-headed Spurfowl
Bee-eater Hornbill Red-necked
Little Black-white Casqued Yellow-necked
Somali Red-billed Starling
White-fronted Southern Ground Golden-breasted
Bush Shrike Von der Decken's Greater Blue-eared
Rosy-patched Yellow-billed Ruppells's Long-tailed
Bustard Ibis Superb
Black-bellied Hadada Wattled
Kori Kingfisher Stork
White-bellied Gray-headed Marabou
Canary Malachite Saddle-billed
White-bellied Pied Yellow-billed
Common Bulbul Kite Sunbird
Crane Black-shouldered Collared
Grey Crowned Lapwing Vultures
Dove Blacksmith Lappet-faced(Nubian)
Ring-necked Crowned Ruppells
Eagle Wattled White-backed
Bataleur Lark Warbler
Fish Rufous-naped African Moustached
Long-crested Lilac-breasted Roller Weavers
Martial Mousebird Black-capped Social
Steppe Nightjar Grey-capped Social
Tawny Northern Pied Babbler Speke
Egret Ostrich Vitelline Masked
Cattle Owl White-browed Sparrow
Fiscal Plover White-headed Buffalo
Grey-backed Blacksmith White-browed Coucal
Taita Crowned White-browed Robin-Chat
Flamingo Purple Grenadier Woodpecker
Lesser Rupell's Long-tailed Starling Nubian
Flycatcher Sandgrouse Yellow Wagtail
African Gray Black-faced Yellow-throated Longclaw
Paradise Sandpiper
Goose Wood
Egyptian Seadeater
Anhinga Ibis Raptors
Bare-faced Curassow Buff-necked Crested Caracara
Bare-faced Ibis Plumbeous Hawks
Bay-winged Cowbird Jabiru Black-collared
Black Skimmer Jay Crane
Black Vulture Purplish Great Black
Black-capped Donacobius Kingfisher Roadside
Campo Flicker Amazon Savanna
Cardinal Ringed Laughing Falcon
Yellow-billed Kisskadee Red-legged Siriema
Chaco Chachalaca Great Rhea
Chestnut-eared Aracari Limpkin Rufous-tailed Jacamar
Crested Oropendola Macaw Sayaca Tanager
Dove Blue and Yellow Solitary Black Cacique
White-tipped Hyacinth Southern Screamer
Finch Red and Green Stork
Saffron Neotropic Cormorant Wood
Gray-necked Wood Rail Nightjar Sun Bittern
Grayish Saltator Pauraque Tern
Great Potoo Oranged-backed Troupial Yellow-billed
Guan Owl Thornbird
Chestnut-bellied Striped Thrush
Herons Parakeets Rufous-bellied
Agami Black-hooded Toucans
Cocoi Peach-fronted Toco
Striated Pied Plover Tyrant
Tiger Plush-crested Jay Black-backed Water
Hornero Wattled Jacana
Oven Bird Woodcreeper
Rufous Narrow-billed
North American
Alcids Hornbill Sparrows
Murres Abyssinian Ground Hornbill Chipping
common Southern Ground Hornbill House
Puffins Hummingbirds Savannah
horned Ruby-throated Song
tufted Icterids Swamp
American Woodcock Blackbirds White-crowned
Bluebird Red-winged White-throated
Eastern Yellow-headed Swallows
Mountain Brown-headed Cowbird Barn Swallow
Buntings Grackle Northern Rough-winged 
Indigo Boat-tailed Tree Swallow
Painted Common Swans
Cardinals Jays Mute
Chickadees Blue Trumpeter
Carolina Gray Tundra
Crows, Ravens, Magpies Stellars Tanagers
Crows Juncos Scarlett Tanager
Magpies Dark-eyed Terns
Ravens Kingbirds Common
Dipper, American Kingfishers Forsters
Diurnal Raptors Belted Least
Eagles Kinglets Royal
Bald Ruby-Crowned Thruhes
Golden Loons Swainsons Thrush
Falcons Common Wood Thrush
Gyrfalcon Pacific Titmice
Hawks red-throated Tufted
Red-shouldered Mergansers Upland Game Birds
Red-tailed Common Grouse
Sharp-shinned Hooded Blue
Kites Red-breasted Northern Bobwhite
Swallow-tailed Mimids Ptarmigan
Northern Harrier Gray Catbirds Willow
Osprey Mockingbirds Quail
Vultures Northern Ring-necked Pheasant
Black Nightjars Turkey
Turkey Whip-poor-will Vireos
Dove Nutcracker, Clarks Red-eyed Vireo
Mourning Nuthatches Warbling Vireo
Rock White-breasted White-eyed
Ducks Orioles Wading Birds
American Widgeon Baltimore Oriole Bittern
Barrow's Goldeneye Ostrich American
Black Duck Owl Cranes
Blue-winged Teal Barred Egrets
Bufflehead Great Gray Cattle
Cinammon Teal Great Horned Great
Green-winged Teal Pelicaniformes Reddish
Mallard Anhinga Snowy
Northern Pintail Cormorant Flamingos
Northern Shoveler Double-crested Herons
Ring-necked Pelagic Black-crowned Night Heron
Ruddy Magnificent Frigatebird Great Blue
Scaup Pelicans Green
Lesser Brown Little Blue
Wood White Tri-colored
Eiders Phoebe Yellow-crowned Night Heron
King Eastern Phoebe Ibis
Finches Pigeons Glossy
American Goldfinch Rock Dove White
House Robin, American Spoonbills
Purple Scoter Storks
Flycatchers Surf Wood
Eastern Wood-pewee Shorebirds Warblers
Great Crested Flycatcher American Avocet American Redstart
Geese Black-necked Stilt Bay-breasted Warbler
Brant Curlew Black-and-white Warbler
Canada Long-billed Black-throated Blue Warbler
Domestic Whimbrel Black-throated Green Warbler
Snow Dowitchers Blackburnian Warbler
Gnatcatchers Long-billed Dowitcher Canada Warbler
Blue-gray Short-billed Dowitcher Cape May Warbler
Grebes Dunlin Chestnut-sided Warbler
Pied-billed Godwit Common Yellowthroat
Grosbeaks Marbled Kirtlands Warlber
Blue Killdeer Magnolia Warbler
Gruiformes Oystercatchers Nashville Warbler
Coots American Northern Parula
American Plovers Ovenbird
Cranes Black-bellied Palm Warbler
Sandhill Piping Prothonotary
Gallinule Semipalmated Plover Yellow Warbler
Moorhens Red Knot Yellow-rumped Warbler
Rails Ruddy Turnstone Waxwings
Gulls Sanderling Cedar
Bonapartes Sandpipers Woodpeckers
Great Black-backed Semipalmated Sandpiper Downy
Heermans Solitary Hairy
Herring Willet Norther Flicker
Kittiwakes Yellowlegs Pileated
Black-legged Greater Yellowlegs Red-bellied
Laughing Lesser Yellowlegs Red-headed
Ring-billed Black Skimmer Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Western Wrens
Bushbuck Ground Squirrel Oryx
Cape Buffalo Cape Beisa
Cats Unstriped Gemsbok
Cheetah Hares Primates
Leopard Scrub Hare Baboon
Lion Hartebeast Olive
Serval Coke's Monkey
DikDik Hippopotamus Colobus Monkey
Guenter's Hyena Vervet Monkey
Kirk's Spotted Reedbuck
Eland Hyrax Rhinoceros
Elephant Tree Black
Fox Impala White
Bat-eared Jackal Suni
Gazelle Black-backed Topi
Grants Striped Warthog
Thomsons Klipspringer Waterbuck
Gerenuk Meerkat Common
Giraffe Mongoose DeFassa
Masai Banded Wildebeast
Reticulated Okapi Zebra
Rothchilds Common
Red Panda
armadillo Giant Anteater monkey
yellow Giant Otter brown capuchin
capybara Goeldi's Monkey Neotropical Otter
Coati Golden Tiki Monkey Ocelot
Crab-eating Fox Jaguar Pampas Deer
Crab-eating Racoon Marsh Deer Red Brocket Deer
North American
Antelope Elk Otter
Blackbuck Fox River
Pronghorn Gray Sea Otter
Badger Red Pig
Bears Gorilla Pot-bellied
Black Groundhog Pika
Brown Horses Porcupine
Beaver Chincoteague Ponies Prarie Dog
Bighorn Sheep llama Rabbit
Bison Marine Cottontail
Camel Dolphin Snowshoe
Bactrian Pacific White-sided Racoon
Dromedary Risso's Sika
Caribou Sea Lion Skunk
Cats California Squirrels
Bobcat Stellar Arctic Ground
Lynx Seals California Ground
Mountain Lion, Cougar Elephant Columbian Ground
Tiger Harbor Delmarva Fox
Chipmunk Whales Golden-mantled Ground
Colorado Humpback Gray
Eastern Marmot Red
Least Hoary Uinta Ground
Coyote Yellow-bellied Wolf
Dall Sheep Marsupials Gray
Deer Kangaroo
Axis Opossum
Blacktail Moose
Fallow Mountain Goat
Mule Muskrat
Pere David
African Brazil
Crocodile Green Iguana
Lizard Lizards
Agama Spectacled Caiman
Monitor Yellow Anaconda
North American
Crocidilians Snakes Toads
Amercan Alligator Black Racer American Toad
American Crocodile Blue Racer Snake Eastern Spadefoot
Frogs Copperhead Oak Toad
Barking Tree Frog Southern Southern
Bullfrog Corn Snake Turtles
Eastern Gray Treefrog Eastern Garter Snake Asian Four-eyed Turtle
Green Frog Eastern Ribbon Snake Common Musk Turtle
Western Chorus Frog Kingsnakes Eastern Box Turtle
Wood Frog California Kingsnake Eastern Mud Turtle
Geckos Gray-banded Kingsnake Florida Red-bellied
Leopard Gecko Lined Snake Galapagos Turtle
Lizards Milk Snake Loggerhead Musk Turtle
Bearded Dragon Prarie Ringneck Snake Painted Turtle
Brown Anole Rattlesnakes Eastern
Eastern Collared Lizard Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake Midland
Eastern Glass Lizard Timber Rattlesnake Western
Green Anole Red-bellied Water Snake Radiated Turtle
Iguana Texas Night Snake Red-eared Slider
Southern California Alligator Texas Rat Snake Snapping Turtle
Salamanders Western Fox Snake Spotted Turtle
Blue Spotted Yellow Rat Snake Wood Turtle
Africa South America
Kenya Brazil
Lake Nakuru Pantanal
Masai Mara Mato Grosso
Nairobi Mato Grosso do Sul
Samburu Rio da Prata
North America
Alaska Florida New Jersey
Alaska Sea Life Center Big Cypress Swamp Reserve Brigantine NWR
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Corkscrew Swamp Cape May
Denali NP Ding Darling NWR Pennsylvania
Kenai Fjords NP Everglades NP Gettysburg
Kenai NWR Fairchild Gardens McClure
Lake Clark NP Little Estero Lagoon Utah
Arizona Venice Rookery Arches NP
Chiricahua NM Maryland Canyonlands NP
Fairbanks Antietam Moab
Fort Bowie Blackwater NWR Monument Valley
Old Tucson Studios Catoctin Mountain National Park Virginia
Saguaro NM Conowingo Dam Alexandria
Tombstone Cranesville Swamp Preserve Belle Grove Mansion
California Fort Frederick Chincoteague NWR
Anza Borrego State Park Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary Gladstone
Big Sur Lilypons Water Garden Great Falls National Park
Elkhorn Slough McKee Beshers WMA Huntley Meadows
Joshua Tree Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Lynchburg
Monterey Minnesota Shenandoah NP
Monterey Aquarium Minnesota Wildlife Connection Virginia Safari Park
San Simeon Northwest Company Fur Post West Virginia
Colorado Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary Blackwater Falls State Park
Loveland Pass Montana C&O Canal
Mount Evans Scenic Byway Gardiner Canaan Valley
Rocky Mountain NP Glacier NP Dolly Sods
Delaware Kalispell Elkins
Bombay Hook NWR West Yellowstone Harpers Ferry
Port Mahon Monongahela National Forest
Pricketts Fort
Seneca Rocks
Grand Teton NP
Yellowstone NP